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What Kind Amplifier Would Serve Your Purpose

The amplifier receives a signal from the source you have – vinyl player, CD, tuner, MP3 player, etc. Transforms it and sends it to the speakers. This device must amplify the sound without distorting it, for a faithful and qualitative rendering. It is associated with an audio source (the player or radio receiver) and speakers.

The preamplifier is near the signal emitted by the source. It receives a very weak signal and improves it prior to its transmission to the amplifier. It guarantees an optimal signal-to-noise ratio, as well as finesse and sound quality. Precision is also increased since you can manage volume and tones.

The different types

There are different types of amplifiers for your Hi-Fi system. Each one is for a specific purpose and has different functions. The choice of your amplifier is therefore based on your use, and the number and type of devices you want to connect. The best solution comes now with

Integrated amplifiers

Integrated amplifiers

They combine the amplifier and the preamplifier. They are compact, ergonomic, and efficient and offer good sound quality. The budget can vary from 200 to 10 000 $ depending on the power of the device, which can range from 2 x 40 Watts to 2 x 225 Watts.

Power amplifiers

They are entirely dedicated to the amplification of the signal emitted by the source (MP3 player, CD player, tuner, etc.). They allow delivering a powerful sound. Adding a preamplifier is necessary to support sound editing and volume management. This type of amplifier is classified, to allow you to find your way in the offer. With a class B or AB device, you have a semi-professional amplifier very qualitative, with very good musical performances.

The nomadic amplifiers

The nomadic amplifiers (or “headphone” amplifiers) offer you a very good listening, with a finesse and a precision in the sound. They can be connected to any type of device – smartphone, tablet, and computer. Their main advantage is their nomadism. Some models can be recharged using a USB port and thus enjoy a range of up to ten hours.

All-in-one amplifiers

They combine, in a single device, a network player and an amplifier. Some add to that a CD player, an FM and DAC tuner, and/or a digital to analog converter. Their main advantage is space saving and versatility.

The experts Rue du Commerce advise you

To obtain an optimal sound quality and a high power, it is necessary to direct its choice towards a preamplifier associated with a power amplifier. This type of installation offers you the quality of a professional sound. The power supply of the two devices being separated, the risks of spurious noise are all the more reduced. In addition, a single preamp is sufficient for multiple power amplifiers.